If you are interested in selling some of the items from your wardrobe, here's how it works…


  • We accept a maximum of 4 items per person at any one time.

We have a large client base and this keeps it fair for everyone.


  • We accept items on a seasonal basis.

Cotton dresses sell better in summer, and woolly jumpers sell better in winter.  We usually make our main changes in February and August but always check with us for more exact times.


  • All items should be freshly laundered. 

This means clean and fresh, and not cleaned then popped into storage for a period of time.  We will not be able to accept items that smell of smoke or other odours.



  • All items should be in nearly new or unworn condition.  

The better condition your items are in, the more likely they are to sell.  All buttons must be intact, all zips must work, and please no loose stiching or beading.  If your items needs any repairs, a buyer will look for alternatives that don't need any extra work.


  • We recommend that your items are under 5 years of age, and still in style and desirable.

Fashion changes every day, so try to be honest when selecting the items you bring to us.  If you think that the outfit that you wore to your neighbours party 12 years ago is dated, then it probably is.


  • What items do we accept?

We are always looking for designer pieces.  However, we also accept great high end high street items too.  We don't accept brands like Primark, or supermarket items.  We also don't accept brands like M&S or Wallis.  If you are unsure, please check with us as we reserve the right to reject any unsuitable items.


  • We work on a post sale 50/50 commission basis.

This keeps it simple so you know exactly what to expect.  All payments over £20 will be paid directly into your bank at the end of your allotted time period.


  • When can you bring your items along?

We work on an appointment basis.  You can contact us through the link at the top of the page, or through any of our social media channels.  You can also call our landline however, as we are usually with customers, you will mostl likely be asked to leave a message.

  • On leaving your items you will receive an individual receipt.

This will state the prices agreed, and is your proof of ownership.  Please keep this safe as we cannot make payments or returns without it.


  • We will display your items carefully until they are sold or returned to you.  

However, we do not accept liability for any items left for sale.


  • Each item will be offered for sale at a mutually agreed price for 6 weeks.  

This means your items are with us at the best time of the year.  Plus you get to decide if you would like to reduce any unsold items you leave them with us.


  • We support several local good causes.

Any items that remain uncollected after the date detailed on your receipt will be donated to charity. This is very important as we do not have additional storage for uncollected items.



  • It is not our responsibility to contact sellers regarding progress, sale or return of their items.

We sell many items every day so sadly we cannot advise sellers each time an items is sold. We do encourage all sellers to make a forward appointment when leaving their items so we can update you on sales, arrange payments and return any unsold items.