This page is to assist you with the changes we are making to keep everybody safe during the current pandemic crisis.  It is based on the latest government advice and will change as and when more instruction from the government are provided.

Is the shop open?

- The upstairs area of the shop is now open for shopping. 

- You can now make an appointment to drop off your items.  Please just click on 'Contact Us' and send us a message to do this.  Or use any of our social media channels.

What are your opening hours?

- For Shopping - Tuesday to Saturday 10am til 4pm.  Saturday 10am til 2.30pm.

- For Drop offs - by appointment (currently not available on Thursdays)

What can I expect when I visit the shop when you reopen?

General information

- We require everybody to sanitise their hands when they arrive and again when they leave

- We expect you to respect social distancing and remain 2m apart from other shoppers and staff wherever possible

- Initially we will not allow children inside the shop

- As instructed by the government we will ask everybody to wear an appropriate face covering

Shoppers information

- You do not need an appointment to shop with us

- Initially, we are only be opening the upper floor due to it's open layout 

- We are allowing a maximum of 3 shoppers in the shop at a time, on a one in, one out basis when full

Sellers information

- Drop off of items will be strictly by appointment only on select days

- All items must be cleaned immediately prior to drop off

- This is taking place on the lower floor

- Limited to strictly 4 items per person

- Items are displayed for 6 weeks, unsold items sent to local good causes 2 weeks later if uncollected

- Payment for sales in excess of £20 will now be paid directly into your bank account as we endeavour to handle less cash

- Payments are only carried out at the end of the time period on your ticket