This page is to assist you with the changes we are making to keep everybody safe during the current pandemic crisis.  It is based on the latest government advice and will change as and when more instruction from the government are provided.

Is the shop open?

- We will be open again from Wednesday 2nd of December.

What can I expect when I visit the shop when you reopen?

General information

- We require everybody to sanitise their hands when they arrive and again when they leave

- We expect you to respect social distancing and remain 2m apart from other shoppers and staff wherever possible

- As instructed by the government we will ask everybody to wear an appropriate face covering

Sellers information

- We are currently not accepting any new items from sellers

- If you left items with us before the first lockdown in March 2020, please be advised that any unsold items have now been sent to local good causes.  If you think you might have monies to collect, please get in touch and we can make arrangements for you to receive this.

- Any items left with us since the first lockdown will now begin being sent to local good causes if they remain unsold and over the allocated time.  Please call in to collect your items if you do not wish this to happen.  If you are still unable to call into the shop due to health concerns, please contact us to let us know so that we can make alternative arrangements with you.